Independent Certified Inspection Agreement

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As a service to our valued partners, Lotus Tile will provide independent inspection services to view end user complaints on flooring products we represent. We do not provide inspections for vendors we no longer do business with. You must contact the manufacture directly.
Your business is important to us, and it is very important for us to handle complaints quickly and efficiently. We believe this will assist all parties in bringing resolution to these important issues.
It is the Dealers responsibility to view the complaint prior to contacting Lotus Tile and requesting an independent inspection. Often, this can eliminate customer complaints or maintenance issues prior to a formal inspection. Questions regarding validity can be directed to our Market Managers for help.


o All customer complaints must be validated by the dealer prior to a Lotus Tile Market Manager inspection. The dealer must provide reasonable evidence that supports the need for an inspection by a Lotus Tile Market Manager.  Once the validity of the claim is acknowledged by both the dealer and Lotus Tile, Lotus can then schedule an Independent Certified Inspector to evaluate the claim.
o Independent inspectors are unbiased observers that report their findings based on facts.
o Inspections are scheduled by the Inspector directly with the jobsite contact. The dealer will be notified when this appointment is scheduled.
o It is inadvisable to have dealer or installer representation onsite during the inspection. The inspector is there to collect data only.
o Setting reasonable expectations with the consumer can alleviate escalations. The industry allows for 30 days from start to finish. We allow 2 weeks to receive the report and 1 week for manufacture to review and respond.
o Only one inspection is allowed per claim. Manufactures will not entertain multiple inspections without overwhelming evidence to warrant an exception. All parties (dealer, consumer, manufacture and Lotus Tile) must all agree to abide by the findings of the inspection and determination.
o When the results from the inspection are provided and the conclusion is manufacturing related, Lotus Tile will pay for the inspection. If these results are not found to be manufacturing related the Dealer will be responsible for the inspection fee (approximately $250) and their account invoiced accordingly.

Before we can allocate or commission an inspector, this form must be completed, signed, and submitted to Lotus Tile.

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