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Ceramic Tile Patterns to Improve Any Room Decor

Are you searching for ceramic tile patterns to enhance your home decor? There is no doubt that ceramic comes in a plethora of patterns and styles that can take your whole home décor to the next level. But, to be able to improve the look of any room, you need to understand the different flooring patterns trends to enhance the value and visual appeal of your home. So with that said’ let’s look at the different patterns of ceramic tiles below:

• Straight Lay: If you want to go with something very simple yet very attractive, consider the straight grid design. You can choose any size and pattern tile to achieve a minimalist look.

• Diagonal Grid: Squared ceramic tile patterns can be arranged diagonally at a 45-degree angle making the whole room seem bigger.

• Checkerboard Pattern: Do you want a timeless floor design? The checkerboard floor pattern is just what you need. Whether you have a modern or classic space, you can never go wrong with the slightly offsetting grid pattern of a black and white checkerboard.

• Chevron Pattern: One of the best choices for widening or elongating the angles in space is chevron tiles. You can create an appealing zigzag design by combining the rectangular ceramic times having angled ends, making it more of a seamlessly flowing floor.

• Octagon and Diamond: This flooring option is not new and has been popular since the Victorian era. The octagon and dot (diamond) mosaics are easily available on sheets that can reduce half of the burden of installing separate tiles. Using the black and white combo of octagon and dot can leave your space with a very classic look.

• Crosshatch Tile Pattern: The pairs of alternating tile stacks in a perpendicular pattern create a complex broken grid look creating a unique design option appreciated by your guests as well.

• Horizontal & Vertical  Ceramic Tile Pattern: You can use the rectangular tiles in a vertical or horizontal pattern to give your space with a modern yet minimalist look. Since the flooring is going to be very simple, you can get lightly textured tiles to breathe some life into your space.

Ceramic Tile Patterns

These are some of the most trending and stylish ceramic tile flooring patterns that would enhance any space. We suggest anyone considering a home improvement to envision the particular area that needs flooring with each design pattern and go with the one that suits your needs the best. For more ceramic tile design ideas, go through Lotus Tile USA collection!

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