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New tile technology – IN/OUT Tile Finish – What is the hype?

Most homes are a hive of activity and rushing is inevitable. While slips and falls can occur anywhere, they most often happen at home. Subsequently, one of the highest rated concerns amongst homeowners is how to proof their homes against slip-and-fall accidents. We introduce to you tiles that are stylish, safe and effortless.

Homemakers want to know that their home is safe for their family, and easy to clean. The two main misconceptions out there are: matt tiles are slip-resistant and good enough around a pool; and that non-slip tiles are suitable for indoors. The truth is that non-slip tiles will be very difficult to clean, making upkeep a difficult household chore; and matt tiles – while they may be textured – won’t stop you from slipping if you are running around on wet feet. The latest innovation in porcelain tiles – In/Out Technology Tiles – addresses both these concerns: they have a matt finish when dry, but immediately become non-slip when wet! Read on more about how this technology with change the way homemakers decide on flooring.


You may wonder whether In/Out Technology isn’t just another tile touting to be slip-resistant.

In/Out Technology Tiles a true game-changer is its manufacturing process. The newly developed glaze forms part of the actual structure of the tile. It’s not merely a surface coating add-on that can wear off over time.

Matte tiles are slightly textured and not completely smooth to the touch. Because of their finish, many people think that it will be slip-resistant when wet, but they aren’t. Although matt tiles are easy to clean and usually used in the bathroom or kitchen, it is important to remember that unless they are In/Out Technology Tiles, matt tiles cannot be considered slip-resistant and should not be used in functionally wet areas – areas where there is activity on excessively wet floors.

In contrast, non-slip tiles have a rough finish that provides a slip-resistant surface when wet or dry. As these tiles are rough, they are difficult to clean, but are perfectly suited for use outside and around the pool. Despite popularly held beliefs, non-slip tiles are not needed in the kitchen or bathroom, and should ideally only be used in functionally wet areas like an area surrounding a swimming pool where people could be running or playing.

In comparison, In/Out Technology Tiles were developed to be matt when dry, but their unique manufacturing process turns them non-slip when wet.

The result is a functional yet stylish tile which can be used throughout your home. It provides a chic look to the interior and exterior of your home with the added benefit of safety that a non-slip tile will provide, while also eliminating the hassle of cleaning that comes with roughly textured tiles.



Protect your family and pets from slipping. In/Out Technology Tiles are ideal not only for functionally wet areas but throughout your home, making every living area safe against slips. Kitchens, showers, pool areas and any wet area where children might play, or the elderly may be at risk of slipping. Create an effortlessly safe home.


In/Out Technology Tiles make choosing flooring for your home simple as you can use it everywhere, even around your pool. These low maintenance tiles only require the usual day-to-day cleaning with no special cleaning methods necessary, making it a great fuss-free option for the home.


The price of tiles is not determined by their finish alone. Other factors such as size also come into play. In/Out Technology Tiles are extremely well-priced, especially when compared to other tiles in similar sizes without the innovation. In/Out Technology Tiles are cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial projects.


The In/Out technology allows you to create a seamless look with the same finish and color tone throughout your home. Whether it be for your indoor living spaces, bathrooms and walk-in shower areas; straight through to outside entertainment areas and swimming pool surrounds. The innovation and design of In/Out Technology Tiles make them both functional and stylish.


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