Gauged Porcelain slabs

Gauged Porcelain Slabs for Unique Spaces

The Italian tile manufacturers are the pioneers in ceramic technology, developing a porcelain tile that is sure to change the interior and exterior decor of the world’s most impressive architectural structures. If you haven’t learned about gauged porcelain slabs yet, please read on.

Also known as a large panel or large format porcelain slabs, this gauged porcelain is preferred for its beauty, durability, easy maintenance, and the lack of grout joints letting the natural vein pattern flow throughout the tile.

These Big, Beautiful and Bold gauged porcelain slabs come as large as 60″ x 120″ for recreating the envisioned look the client desires for any surface that needs a touch of an elegant unique design.

This gorgeous floor and wall tile have many suitable options for taking the design industry to another level decoration never seen before. This allows home and business owners to achieve a seeming transition enhancing any space with stunning results. The wide selection of large gauged porcelain is a marvelous, diverse product for anyone looking for uniqueness and charming decor.

Lotus Tile USA has many of these tiles available. Please feel free to look our collection of Gauged Porcelain Slabs Here.

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