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Wood Ceramic Tiles Trends For Your Home

Wood Ceramic Tile Trends For Your Home

Virtually everyone loves hardwood flooring due to its natural look, unique design pattern, and long-lasting properties. However, hardwood flooring has some limitations, such as water sensitivity, high maintenance, and cost. If you still want to get a wooden look without the higher cost and maintenance concerns, ceramic tiles have wood design patterns that simulate the same design and more versatile applications. Installations in outdoor areas such patio, walls, and bathrooms without compromising the integrity of the material is now possible with ceramic wood tile.

Wood-Look Ceramic Tile for Patio

The problem with installing hardwood flooring in patio areas is the deterioration of the surface color as it fades away due to sun exposure. On the other hand, ceramic tiles can withstand even scorching beams of sunlight as well as extreme weather conditions, such as rain and snow.

Wood-Look Ceramic Tile for Bathroom

Bathrooms are the places where hardwood flooring is at risk of developing moisture damages such as mold. The continuous splashes of water from the tub or the sink can cause the wood to swell up and lose its look and feel. Instead, if you choose wood-like ceramic tiles, not only you will get the look of hardwood flooring, but also the benefits the ceramic material.

Wood-Look Ceramic Tile for Wall

If you are wondering whether you can use wood-like ceramic for your walls or not, the answer is yes! You can pull off the hardwood look on your walls using the wood-like ceramic tiles as well. The main benefit is that it is inhospitable to mildew and easy to maintain.

Wood Ceramic Tile – Lotus Tile USA

Wood-like ceramic tile options are in trend as customers see the multitude of benefits they have to offer. If you feel it is the right choice for your property, feel free to see Lotus Tile USA collection to achieve the wood type look you are looking for your home.

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